Prison lingers overhead, from hard sell to prison cell

8 Feb

Court Hearing : Southwark Crown Court

Todays my final offer of plea, its 24th February 2011, I was first arrested in 2009 – it feel like there is no end to this drama.

The FSA want me to plead to more than I’m comfortable with, but a trial won’t be until late 2012. If I bite the bullet I can be out around Christmas way before it ever winds up before Judge and Jury. Am I cutting my nose off to spite my face?

The FSA are attempting to box me in, I’m between a rock and a hard place when all I want is to get this behind me. I’m happy to take responsibility for my offences, but do I need to wait 2 years if not more for my punishment?

In those two years I’ve had my assets frozen, my passport taken and been forced to observe a residential curfew. These are all methods of punishment, but the public don’t understand that. Do you think prison will actually help me rehabilitate?

The FSA have moved their position: they want me to accept more than simply deceitfully breaking regulations, they want me to plead to being involved in Boiler Room Fraud. No Dice, I won’t accept that. I either accept a modified fraud charge or it goes to trial. 3 years on bail, to clear my name. I’m losing the energy to operate as it stands. How much is my name worth? Whats my pride worth? Whats a 1/3 off a sentence worth? Whats the chances of defeat?

Its funny, growing up, you’d never dream of taking the fall for something you didn’t do. “Its not me mum, I swear”.

In real life, when faced with a 6 week trial, 3 years on bail, having all your assets frozen, prohibited to work, taking a plea is sometimes the best option. Prison can’t be any worse than all this palaver….

FSA offences are what are called ‘Strict Liability’. It means, you have a strict liability – ignorance is no defence. So even with a defence of naivety, you can still end up in clink. Fraud is not strict liability obviously. However, going to trial to clear my name on that charge may likely see me still end up behind bars for the FSA breaches. Is pride worth it.

On the train to court I still have no clue what decision I’ll make, I’m sick to my stomach.; no one can guide my choice, but everything does.

I sit down with my folks, we agree, this one I’ll take on the chin.

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