The Prison Canteen and other matters

19 Feb

I wake up after my nap at 7.30pm, hungrily devour my chicken pasta and spend some time writing while watching a poorly acted Keanu Reeves film on Channel 4. This actually may have been one of his better performances, but wooden is definitely his niche.

My cellmate doesn’t like coffee, so he hands me his. On a sunday we are given a coffee sachet, I’m hoping I can acquire more of these in the week. I take my triple heaped gold blend at home for granted clearly.

I pick up the canteen sheet and make a note of other items I could have used my ‘Allowable Spends’ on. This includes the previously mentioned ‘Freddo’, flying in at 20p. I can just imagine a brisk trade in London’s inner city prisons over these; gangwars even.

61 pence purchase you a “Just to Say…” card. Just to say what?

“Just to say I got caught nicking razors from Poundland and been denied bail, ‘Happy Autumnal Equinox’.”

I’m always struggling to find something like that.

*32 pence, begins your escape plans with a sheet of sandpaper (Fine), though there may be better approaches.

(*Note to Sensors: This is a tongue in cheek comment, please do not tip my cell upside down, I’ve alphabetised my 9 books.)

I write to R.

“…are you enjoying my daily diary? I’m sorry if it’s a little mundane, I just wanted to capture every detail of prison life that were things I wondered beforehand.

I’ve topped my phone account up, I want to her your voice. I envy the others whose partners are a phone call away. But I can cope with writing everyday, its  definitely a lot of letters isn’t it?

…you complete me…”


2 Responses to “The Prison Canteen and other matters”

  1. andrea leigh February 19, 2012 at 9:45 pm #

    hi db, im loving reading your daily blogs, my boyfriend is currently in hmp an i can only imagine what its like, your blogs are the same as the stories he tells me, i think i should have wrote a hmp widdows blog while hes been away lol x

  2. Almost Banged Up !!! February 20, 2012 at 3:25 am #

    Almost got sent down myself last year and wish I could have read your blog back then as it is terrifying for someone from a nice middle class background to even contemplate prison. You have all those visions from the TV and movies in your head. Looking forward to reading more as your story continues and I am sure it is helping loads of people who are reading along with me.

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