MP’s and other ignorant folks

6 Mar

Einstein once said:

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing OVER and OVER and expecting DIFFERENT results”

Tory MP Philip Davies in the Sun writes:

“Why are inmate’s being released if they are going to re-offend?”*

“Inmates clearly aren’t scared of prison as a deterrent, we need to make sentences longer.”

Clearly this particular MP has not only failed to read the words of Albert Einstein, he has also, it seems, failed to read his own words.

…..Prisoners are not scared of prison……So we need to give them more of this punishment in order to stop re-offending…..???

Unsurprisingly to me, this is a common tact that is regularly spouted by the ill-informed (Politicians) and vindicated by the misinformed. (General Public)

If prison doesn’t work as things currently stand, why would more of it have positive results?

*(If we could spot future events before they happen, that would be great; but we can’t. This is a nonsensical comment.)

The tabloid media have a lot to answer for, when they muck rake and write easy to sell stories of hysteria that highlight the few horrors and fail to point out the positive. It’s not altogether a shock then, when the general public form a view based around the words of OTT editorials in the printed press.

More recently, two individuals who it can be said were shining examples of rehabilitation, were awarded in the New Years Honours List. Rather than celebrate a turn-around of these people’s lives and herald this proof of effective reformation, we pan these people and bring up their old news cuttings. We ignore the good work done since, the fantastic contributions they’ve made in the face of adverse opinion and we hang onto their short-lived discarded error strewn ways. We too must accept responsibility as a society for re-offending rates. Let sleeping dogs lie.

This is something to think about while I put a pen to paper and complete my daily blog. I don’t expect readers to agree with everything I say, we are all entitled to an opinion, it’s the bedrock of civilisation – I simply hope my ‘Devils Advocate’ approach gives you something to think about.



One Response to “MP’s and other ignorant folks”

  1. disgracedbanker March 6, 2012 at 11:02 pm #

    Right to Reply

    As an update and fairplay to him for answering a challenge, Philip Davies MP did reply to my Twitter in minutes. He had this to say:

    “@DisgracedBanker Well according to the Government’s official figures the longer people spend in prison the less likely they are to re-offend”

    Unfortunately the type of offences that attract the long sentences are often not the type done by the hardened repeat offenders. (Some have previous, I accept that) The large percentage of repeat offending rates are attributed to anti-social behaviour and drug related theft. You can’t grow out of an addiction but you can grow out of stabbing/brawling. Its why someone doing an 8 year sentence for GBH may not offend again once released, GBH is not a necessity.
    Addiction’s however create dependency, fuelling the demand for acquisition to pay for further chemical abuse. A long sentence with an untreated addiction, will only delay the inevitable.

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