No Mail Today

14 Apr

No Mail!

I’ve been riding the crest of a communications purple patch and I’m guessing it has to come to an end at some stage. I think of those who never get to pick up a letter or shove an email in the back pocket to read later. I count myself as very lucky to experience the privilege of having someone on the outside, ‘who cares’.

R asks me in a letter about how other inmates deal with outside relationships, it’s a funny thing she asks, It isn’t something I’ve seen discussed often. I guess everyone has their own problems; maybe it’s not becoming to talk about them to others –  maybe I just don’t know anyone well enough yet.

There are some places in the dampest, nastiest, darkest parts of the Prison system, that stirring up someone’s emotions isn’t a clever move. Many will never understand the feelings I have had as I tread the pathway of the sinner, but I couldn’t begin to know what it feels like to have the doorway to the rest of your life slammed shut. I can count on several fingers how many personal conversations I’ve had since coming to prison. You’re more likely to hear an inmate talk about Prime Minister’s Questions or whether Harry Redknapp should be England manager or not.

Remember, the vast majority of us ARE normal people, we just got caught I suppose 🙂

As I’ve said before, on the way to work this morning, you might have given way to a man with the body of a dead brass in the boot, held the door open for a benefit cheat. YOU could have got in your car the morning after a heavy drinking session, driven past a school and threatened the life of  an infant; still well over the limit and one split second away from a good many years in prison. Such polarities of criminal extreme, serve to remind all, that having one’s liberty does not imply pure being.

The prisoner versus screw cricket match is postponed as the rain continues to drive down over Arundel. I get my gym session but in hindsight, a few yorkers badly bowled or some ungentlemanly conduct slings would have been tidy viewing.

Duvet Drama

Brother and I attend the evening reception property slot to grab his duvet. As the guard goes through his property he notices that there is already one duvet in his possession, the other must remain in storage. We then ask if we could have this one moved into my property given i have none listed in mine.

“No” says the screw

I protest. “But we both agree with this, we are both here and we can both sign for it”

“Still no” says the screw

I go on, “How can we not do this very simple of switches?”

“Bullying” the smarmy screw replies, with a manner that suggests he knows of more depth to this scenario than exists.

“BULLYING?” I’m flabbergasted by this ridiculous response.

“Yes, you could be bullying him” I get again.

“For his duvet? Are you for real?” Is all I muster

“Bullying is very real” The brick wall stays firm

You can’t reason with ignorance, so explaining how laughable the notion of Duvet related bullying is, is unlikely to get me any further up the comfortable sleeping ladder. Former financial types in prison for regulations breaches rarely figure in the bullying stats I expect, particularly when the victim here is linked to running unlicensed fighting syndicates in the world of Gypsy Bare Knuckle Boxing.


One Response to “No Mail Today”

  1. stephenedwards425 April 14, 2012 at 9:02 pm #

    Got caught…just didn’t have to do the time…stay engaged…bet you are a lot different on the outside of those walls.

    Be encouraged!

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