Day 39

17 Apr

Stomach cramps



I had to write the 39th day’s diary a day late. I physically couldn’t focus on the sentences across the page and felt nauseous writing. I had received a lovely letter from R today and felt terrible to her that my own writing won’t do it justice today.

Yes, I’ve kept writing to her. 39 days without break.

I muster the energy to write about the spirit of neighbourliness I’ve seen today. That friendly social community spirit that died in the outside world 3 decades ago. The other inmates in my billet get the guards to be made aware of my situation; there are frequent heads poking their head into the cell to check up on me.

Am I Okay?

Do I need anything?

Sam (Geordie, Financial Fraud) tells me to bang on his door whatever hour and he would scuttle across to the emergency office on my behalf. I greet these comments with a gratitude a little stifled as I fight the anti-digestive urges of my sickness.

I spend the remainder of the evening sleeping, drifting in and out of  feverish sweats to the background noise of a CSI spin off and Delroy’s snoring.

Day 40

I wake frequently throughout the night and grab a shower before dragging my pitiful shell of a body over to the healthcare centre at 8.30.

I have an appointment arranged for me at 9 with Richard, who I gather to be no more qualified a doctor than a tobacconist. He is not a doctor, but identifies my minor suffering and hands me a note which authorises:

“R.I.R – Rest in Room”

This docket enables the bearer 3 days off normal duties. Essentially 3 days of legitimately dossing in one’s bed. This would be a little more pleasing to have received had it not been a Friday, which is a half day, followed by the weekend. I spend the remainder of the morning in my room getting re-acquainted with Jezza Kyle. Being listed as R.I.R does preclude me from using the gym but not from visits, which I have 2 in 3 days.

I’ve not got long to pick myself up, the first one is in a few hours; so I put the painkillers to work. This man has snacks to plough through later.




One Response to “Day 39”

  1. Deborah Hope April 17, 2012 at 11:43 pm #

    Get well soon 🙂

    Deborah Hope

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