Day 45 – Pah

23 Apr

A fairly uneventful day slips my life by. No news on the induction orderly front as yet.

I visit the gym and as usual with prison organisation the 6pm slot is brought forward to 5.30 with no notice, cuasing only inconvenience. Fortunately I see my pal Tom – now on the gym staff; in the food hall, where he makes me aware. For everyone else, they just have to lump their 15 to 20 minute gym session.

Carpentry class is spent taking the utmost care with my assessment piece and seeming to fare okay so far. A test of wooden floor joist joints. With narrow margin of error, I really don’t want to start again; you can’t ‘Undo’ woodwork very easily.

I speak to R first thing and receive letters from my cousin, a very good uni pal and a bizarrely but MASSIVELY cooly letter from my best pal’s ex. (The ex, a male who dated a female – in case this is misinterpreted). Bless the latter for taking the time to write to me. He is a fella I could do with knowing more. With a number of shared interests, he sends me a detailed update on the world of boxing including brief highlights from a range of major recent fights. I paraphrase him when he begins his letter with:

“…from all those years ago, who would have bet on it being me writing to YOU in prison.”

His informative and friendly letter keeps me smiling, but his very act of writing is more than I have had from those who I would have thought might have been more compelled by now.

Fairweather friends, I know who you are now.

I spend a large part of my evening writing, with my new cell environment, I can do so undisturbed. I get to know Spence a little more and then roll into my pit.



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