I’ve done two months in Pen…Blaaad!

9 May

Besides starting my new job in the Education Department, I decide to wash my clothes. Unlike Wandsworth where we had access to washing machines here at Ford we have to use buckets or sinks… or bins. Not a lot of thought has gone into how we can keep abreast of our laundry in a sanitary manner. I’ve made it clear enough how grubby the communal washing service is. Cleaned by people with less interest than you in keeping your clobber looking good. I’m praying for a bit of sunshine to dry off my garments, or it will be crispy socks hanging over the Urinals on a dusty heating pipe. Classic.

Skipping and a gym session to cheer me up and having got into rowing courtesy of George’s encouragement, I have set myself the target of being able to do it for more than 3 minutes. Clearly technique has  a lot to do with it, but fitness wise it’s hugely demanding. Rowing 2000m in a sub 7 minute time is quite some way off.

Day 62

George and I set ourself the challenge of creating a quiz team capable of winning. We have ranked fairly highly recently with a team of 2, this week…




Soon Defending

Prison Quiz Champion

We win by 4 points, pretty much a country mile yeah?

We have been toying with team names. The aim is to create one that would at least have maximum irritation effect to make up for potentially bad performances. To be remembered for literary reasons is a credible antidote to defeat.

This week we called ourselves:

“Was 9th last week, this week 8th, hopefully, at least.”

In retrospect, this is a sh*t name, trust me time will show an improvement in team name selections. Regularly throughout the night the scores are read out, this may explain the reasoning behind sticking numbers and placings in our own group alias.

Anyway back to me winning and all… given that Ford is supposed to house the criminal white collar masterminds, I think it’s safe to say my family can hold a degree of pride over this minor achievement. Hmm 🙂

The spoils is a twix. Doesn’t really match up with the level of grandeur I’m pushing here. But a twix is still a twix.

Yes that’s right, two thin shafts of pleasure.

Actually we win 5 twix…



Unsure of the appropriate terminology here; let’s go with Twixes.

A Twix is a Twix, but what is two Twix?

I take the extra one and give it to Spence, me bringing home the spoils to thank him for all the times he has brought back to the cell a truckload of chocolate.

I was a bit quiet around Spence first as I felt we were chalk and cheese. I couldn’t be more wrong, we have a lot of shared values and I really enjoy his company. He’s a decent little cheeky chappy, real humble and noticeably conscientious. Having never met a traveller in the way I’ve known Spence, it’s changed the preconceived ideas, the media portrays. I learn a lot about his way of life and enjoy helping him with his writing home where I can. Spence isn’t his real name, but if he reads this he will know who he is. It tickles him that I write a detailed diary every evening, I’d like him to know he shows up well in it. Look after yourself NS.



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