Menu Choices at Ford Prison

13 May

Given the range of dietary requirements in UK Prisons, the kitchens need to offer a range of eating options.

The food options are ordered with a symbol system, where an icon (Image) is attributed to differing foodstuffs. Eg: Smiley face for healthy eating or a flower – it looks like a Pansy, for you guessed it: Vegetarian options.

I’ve noticed that a good deal of meals here are labelled healthy, this includes:

– Sausage and Pickle  white bread baguette

– A Veggie Pasty

– Samosa’s

– Kievs

– Cheese Pasties

On other weeks, I have seen entire sheets denoted healthy including mayonnaise laden sandwiches. In terms of healthy eating, I can’t see greasy samosas, Kievs dripping in cheese and breadcrumbs or a foot of stale white bread coated in pickle and a fatty cut of meat; as fitting that criteria. People come out of prison having put weight on in some cases and this is used as evidence by the misinformed as a sign of too good a diet. I assure you, putting fat into your arteries and increasing your risk of heart disease is not indicative of good eating habits or good content. It’s the very opposite.

As mentioned, I have included a copy of  a meal-card.


2 Responses to “Menu Choices at Ford Prison”

  1. Lou May 14, 2012 at 5:37 pm #

    Well I thought I ate a bad diet, but that really does put things into perspective. Found your posts at Unlock – interesting blog. Think I left a comment while ago but can’t find it so I’m not sure if you accept comments or not. I’ll have a look for it later…if it’s gone I’ll assume not 🙂 Have a good week

    • disgracedbanker May 14, 2012 at 7:05 pm #

      Thank you for your reply Lou. All comments are welcome – I was probably being forgetful when you last posted.

      Thank you

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