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Update File Part 1

18 Nov

Life moves on at a hundred miles an hour once more. It’s been a year since my release although still some months shy of the end of my term. Still in probation, still a bad moment from prison.


I was googling away some time this week, only to see an article on a former Alumni of mine at HMP Wandsworth. The Barber, our friend.


That man who’s name I didn’t mention was in fact Tony Morris. The Ex GP Noble Chief Exec and a man who has spent the last 3 years or more fighting an uphill struggle even before he got to trial. Extradited from Australia, having spent a year on remand in a Supermax Down Under and facing a £52 million fraud accusation – he beavered away making himself as useful to others as possible in South West London’s least pleasant pastures. A friend to whomever required one; a kind and classy Gentleman.

It was here in the evenings he would read through ream after ream of court papers, concerned for the future. To he, an innocent man is facing his third year in high security prison, yet to be found guilty of a crime – what hope would most of us have in the same circumstances?

I had a conversation with him one day, where we discussed him ‘taking it on the chin’ for the better prospect of release in less than 10 years. How insane, how remarkably desensitized one becomes when surrounded by lifers terms; that we can contemplate giving a decade of our lives away, for  a crime one hasn’t committed. What kind of stress does one face for that be his daily poser? For those with little in the way of insight of the workings of the criminal justice system ; take this as an example.

Tony Morris is cleared of all wrong doing. Tony Morris is an innocent man, who has faced abusive prison officers; mistreatment; violence; bankruptcy and lost years of his children’s lives – for a prosecution team who were not in town to seek the truth but to ensure they won their battle.

This man was days away from lying under oath. This man was seconds from breaching his religious views. This judiciary put him in a position where he may need to lay his hand upon his sacred book and commit the only true sin in this episode.

Tony was stronger than all of this; he fought to clear his name and won. I hope he can regain what he has lost. But I’ll raise a glass to you tonight Tony, you can stop cutting hair now 🙂